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For youth

Work with youth

The work with youth in association began with the implementation of the European Social Fund project for capacity building in 2012, which included activities to raise awareness of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) project system in order to determine what it could do for the youth of Jekabpils and the region. As a result “Jekabpils NGO Resource Center” was accredited in 2015 as a host, sending and coordinating EVS organization and received support for its first long-term EVS project “Volunteers change Jēkabpils”. In the following years, the second long-term EVS project “Share and like volunteering” and the third one “Volunteer`s discovery” were successfully implemented, coordinating the admission of seven EVS youth in addition to two other NGOs.

In cooperation with the Youth International Program Agency, the association has implemented Latvian national program projects:

  • "Young people today, decision makers tomorrow" (2018) to provide local consultation in structured dialogue in Jēkabpils, Nereta and Pļaviņas counties and three meetings of young people and decision makers in the format of "Coffee with Politicians";
  • “#speaktomeJekabpils” (2018/2019), promoting volunteering among young people and improving the links between young people and local decision makers

The “Jekabpils NGO Resource Center” in cooperation with the Agency for International Youth Program (AIYP), provides information on opportunities for Latvian youth in the European Union as one of the six regional coordinators of the European youth information network EURODESK. Our main objective is to support youth mobility in Europe by disseminating information and materials on the European Solidarity Corps, ‘’Erasmus +: Youth in Action’’, Eurodesk and the European Youth Portal:

  • providing advice to young people and youth organizations;
  • we organize various AIYP information events in the region.

The association has a long-term partnership with the State Employment Agency (SEA) in providing youth employment in the program “Development of work skills in the non-governmental sector”. The association also coordinates the website in cooperation with the SEA, and in cooperation created a subsidized workplace for a young person with a disability.

"Jekabpils NGO Resource Center" is registered in the list of youth organizations of the Ministry of Education and Science that work with youth.