For Partners

  • We work with socially vulnerabe groups;
  • we cooperate with the State Employment Agency (SEA) Jēkabpils regional unit;
  • we organize charity campaigns and donations in partnership with local entrepreneurs;
  • we take part in the implementation of local initiatives;
  • We have realized 3 long term Erasmus+ projects as a host, sending and coordinating EVS organization - more information here
  • We have cooperated with the sending organizations “ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil” in Portugal, “Bridge to the Future” in Azerbaijan, “Stowarzyszenie Kulturalno-Ekologiczne “Filtrator”” in Poland, „American International School of Transylvania” in Romania, „Kasa Swiss Humanitarian Foundation” in Armenia, “Asociacion Cazalla-Intercultural” in Spain, „MAISON DE L EUROPE DES YVELINES” in France and „Union Forum” in Ukraine.

    We are very grateful for activity and trust of  our partners, the association has been able to fulfill so many of its aspirations and to succeed.

    If you are also interested in our association, would like to work with us and support us, please contact us at