Erasmus+ programme European voluntary work (EVS) project “Volunteer`s discovery”

Project reference 2017-3-LV02-KA105-001950

Start date: January 2018 End date: July 2019

The project was implemented as a long-term EVS activity, receiving young people for 19 months period

EU Grant: 43224 EUR

Dissemination of the project results was co-financed by Jekabpils city council (3000EUR)


The aim of the project "Volunteer's discovery" was to promote the popularity, recognition, experience and opportunities of EVS among European and local youth, to support non-formal learning of young people for the development of their competences and skills, to stimulate the cooperation of Jekabpils city and region of Vidusdaugava non-governmental organizations in the implementation of EVS projects, thus enriching public processes with the effect of the presence of a multicultural environment and inviting young people to participate in them. 

The project involved seven EVS youngsters. During the project, three activities were implemented, one in each of the host organizations. In organization "Jekabpils NGO Resource Center"  young people from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Austria were assisting a creative workshops at the Day Center for seniors and social risk groups of young people and children. Volunteer from Lithuania and Poland were bringing an international breath in organization “Rodacy”, engaging in Polish cultural activities, improving the quality of the Polish language in use, and assisting in community-based events. In the organization "Usins" two young people from Armenia and France were carrying out the day-to-day activities of the organization, which included forming multicultural events and promoting the activities of the organization, horse riding sport. 

The project supported non-formal learning principles such as learning to do, learning to be with others and learning to learn. The methods used - ice breaking, collaboration, group work with the aim of developing cooperative skills and with the group's common knowledge to solve problems, intercultural evenings, presentation with the aim of learning to substantiate, express and listen to others' views, mentoring, relaxation, simulation games with the aim of finding compromises and providing participation, brainstorming, discussion with the aim of asking and finding answers, farewell to the goal of consolidation the friendship, writing a diary or making a video story about your EVS project. The Youthpass tool were used for evaluating the development of each young person's competency throughout the project.