For Volunteers

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experience


Volunteering is:

  • Donating your free time and skills to socially useful goals;
  • Providing services for no financial or social gain to benefit another person, group or organization
  • Worldwide known and popular way to get involved in social life and improve human quality of life

Regardless of age, sex, origin, nationality, religious affiliation, political opinion and other social, physical or geographical conditions, volunteering provides opportunity to:

  • Be socially active
  • Take part in various projects
  • Gain social and professional experience
  • Show your talent and skills
  • Gain new social contacts, meet new friends and like-minded persons
  • Explore world and society
  • Implement your ideas and realize your dreams!

Volunteering is activity organized by association and performed by person who is motivated to benefit another person or society without financial gain.


Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer regardless their age, race, nationality or religious affiliation. What drives volunteers is desire to gain satisfaction, joy and new experience by volunteering for the benefit of society.


There are many nongovernment organizations which are active in different areas and every one of them sometimes need support and creative ideas. We are all with different views, interests and talents so there is something suitable for everyone –

It can be volunteering in organization of events or in office, or help in animal shelter.